Elizabeth McKay was ultimately born out of founder Elizabeth McKay Jenkins's lifelong love of fashion. After graduating from New York's Parsons School of Design, Elizabeth began her career in fashion by impressing different design houses (Tibi and CJ Laing). In 2004 she successfully designed and helped launch the label TS Dixin (which she named after her nephews Taylor, Spencer and Dixon). Knowing that she had a lot more to offer the fashion world, Elizabeth took the bold step in 2006 of leaving the firm she co-founded and risked her most valuable asset on her new venture… her name. Today’s Elizabeth McKay continues to hold true to Elizabeth's goal of creating a line that brings impeccable glamour to any body type. With her vision of looks that translate well from day-to-night without compromising expert tailoring and her love of intricate details, women are delighted to find personal touches that not only look gorgeous but handle today's practicalities. Sophisticated and glamorous, Elizabeth McKay continues to embrace and redefine the American Aesthetic.